Hello! I am the designer. 

I have been designing ready to wear clothing for women for over 15 years. Ever since I was a child, I was mesmerized with clothing and fashion. It mainly spawned from my environment at home. My mother was an aspiring designer and throughout the years worked in many areas of sewing and design. I learned my skills from her and then ventured off on my own as I got older to test those skills myself.

 Fast forward to today and I have landed on making ready to wear clothing for women in simple and chic silhouettes. I love various fabrics, colors and prints depending on the season and enjoy mixing unlikely textiles to create a unique look. My focus is to create ready to wear collections full of silhouettes that compliment many body shapes and sizes. I want to offer women the freedom to fully express their individuality, beauty, and strength. 

The MOCHA Butterfly line is a creative arm of clothing that offers an option to meet women's budgets and various needs based on their lifestyle. MOCHA is an acronym for Manifesting Our Creative Hidden Abilities and this line is diverse in products from skirts and tops to traveling accessories.

My give back is a program called THREADS Fashion Camp. It is a camp that focuses on the design process in fashion. It gives participants the opportunity to create clothing out of unconventional materials and they get a taste of what fashion designer's processes may look like when creating clothing. The idea for the camp came to mind when I noticed there was no programs locally to offer kids who are interested in fashion design. I love the interaction I get with the participants and watching them really tap into their creativity and problem solving processes is quite amazing. Typically I host it during the summer breaks for participants from age 8 to 18.

I really have a joy and freedom through fashion design and my hopes are to positively influence women's wardrobes and help them also tap into their inner fashionista. Good quality and great fit is important in what we wear and my goal is to achieve that with as many women as I can.

I cant wait to get you into my clothes!

Nikki Warren